100 mL Burette Primary Plum™ Blood Set, Macrobore, 170 Micron Filter, 105 Inch

Burette Primary Plum™ Blood Set — with nonvented piercing pin, 2 slide clamps, 100 mL burette with prepierced site and 170 micron blood filter, cassette and secure lock male adapter.
Product Numbers List Number14210-28 shop.icumed.com Number1421028 EDI Number1421028
Nominal Length 105" / 266.70 cm
Tubing I.D. 0.120"
Drop Size 20 drops/mL
Priming Capacity (Approximate) 22 mL
Filtered Yes
Sterile Pack No
Non-DEHP Yes
Tubing Type Macrobore
Latex Information Natural rubber latex has not been used in the manufacture of this product
Case Information Order Quantity 1 case (48 ea) Case Size 1 x 48